6 Habits to Stay Away From For Staying Healthy

6 Habits to Stay Away From For Staying Healthy

Many of us often spend a lot of time in thinking what to eat and do in order to stay healthy. For all those people out there, here are some habits which you should carefully avoid, if you really are health conscious!

Skipping meals

In order to stay fit, having healthy meals is not enough. You must have the meals at the right time. If you eat at odd hours or skip meals, there is high probability that your health will suffer. In fact irregular eating can have a detrimental effect on the heart, brain and digestive organs including the liver. You will also find your energy level dropping considerably.

Sleeping late at night

Retiring to bed in the late hours of the night has a negative impact on both the mental and physical health. In order to stay fit, you must make timely and proper sleeping a regular habit. Otherwise you have to face the consequences of inadequate and improper sleep. These include certain unpleasant changes in your behavior along with other health issues like weak immune system, increase in body weight, insomnia and cardiac problems.

Consuming alcohol heavily

I agree that a little bit of alcohol is good for health. But little means little! If you drink alcohol in large quantities it will definitely prevent you from staying fit. So, to keep yourself mentally and physically fit, stay away from heavy doses of alcohol. Heavy alcohol indulgence makes both the professional and personal life suffer. Not only that, alcohol also badly affects the liver, blood, heart, stomach and nerves, ultimately leaving you seriously ill.


Now who does not know about the ill effects of smoking? But still I think it is my responsibility to pen it down here. Whether you are a passive smoker or an active one, you cannot escape the ill effects that smoking has on the body. It is really dreadful for the blood vessels, stomach, heart, lungs, skin, teeth, and what not! So, if you really intend to maintain good health, say a permanent goodbye to cigarettes.

Going for carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks! The very name perhaps starts a craving within our stomach. Most of us love having our choicest carbonated drinks very often for some momentary refreshment, more so because of the fizz and delicious taste. However, that very fizz that soothes our palate can prove harmful for the body. Fizz along with caffeine can usher in severe health problems affecting the kidneys, bones, digestive organs, heart and lungs. Although you may find it a short time boon, it is actually a bane.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle

Rest is indeed good for the body, but are you taking too much of rest? Then think again! If your lifestyle supports little or no physical activity at all, then you are sure to fall a prey to numerous health hazards. Obesity is a very common problem with those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, and apart from that, you also have other health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, anxiety, kidney disorders and heart diseases lurking behind. To avoid these, exercise for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes daily.