7 Amazing Foods that are a Natural Energy Booster

7 Amazing Foods that are a Natural Energy Booster

7 Amazing Foods that are a Natural Energy Booster

Women (and men too, off course!) need a lot of energy, and the amount of energy required varies as per the age, the profession and the different phases of life they are in. After childbirth, I became very sluggish and unable to carry out my daily activities. Apart from my daily vitamins and mineral supplements, I was also advised to have certain energy boosting foods which would naturally boost my energy level and help me become more active. These foods also have other amazing health benefits. I have been continuing some of them since then. Now it’s time to share those foods with you guys, so here we go!


Just gobble these yummy things without giving a second thought! Oysters are high in protein content and low in fat and if you have 6 oysters in a day, 31% of your daily iron requirement would be fulfilled. And what really pushed me to include oysters in my diet is the unbelievable fact that they can fulfill more than 500% of the daily zinc requirement and over 250% of the daily Vitamin B12 requirement.
If you feel that these nutrients are not enough, then there’s more! Oysters can help a lot in maintaining brain functionality since they are rick in omega-3 fatty acids. Now after hearing all these, you may simply love to rope in this energy booster in your diet.


Do not underestimate this plant-based food. It really has high protein content and can be an extremely good alternative to the meat you eat, which is loaded with fat and cholesterol. I heard that day from a nutritionist friend that the glycemic index of beans is low, and when I asked her the meaning of this, I came to know that beans help in stabilizing the energy that they generate in the body. While kidney beans and black beans are loaded with magnesium, red beans are a storehouse of iron and antioxidants.
Beans make soups delicious so you can try out different soup recipes with beans. Just a cup of them can help you get rid of sluggishness.


From my childhood I used to think, what makes blueberries so beautifully blue. I got the answer just when I started visiting my dietician for a good pregnancy diet. This tasty fruit contains a lot of anthocyanins, which are in fact antioxidants with high power, which is responsible for the blue color. Apart from antioxidants, blueberries are also a rich source of phytochemicals (which combat infections and diseases) and Vitamin C. Moreover, being rich in fiber, they can assist in the regulation of blood sugar.

You can have blueberries as they are or include them in various recipes. I particularly love blueberries in salads.

Green Tea

How many of you know that green tea contains some amount of caffeine? Well, in spite of that, I would suggest you to have green tea if you want to get energized. This is because green tea raises your energy level without bringing in the side effects that are associated with other beverages which are highly caffeinated. This aromatic drink is filled to the brim with L-theanine, an amino acid which has a lot of health benefits for the human body. Regular consumption of green tea in small quantities is good for the heart and prevents many heart diseases. Moreover, it has been seen that green tea is also helpful in the prevention of cancer and Parkinson’s disease.


Spinach is just too high in folate and magnesium to believe! Again, the leaves are bursting with Vitamin B and A as well as calcium. Maybe that’s the secret of how Popeye stayed so healthy and strong by following a spinach diet. The benefits of eating this leafy green do not end here.

Eating spinach regularly considerably reduces the chances of heart disease, protects against inflammation and you get iron content that far surpasses any other green vegetable. Iron is one of the prime factors in keeping your energy at the peak levels. It is best to have spinach with lemons, oranges and other foods that are rich in Vitamin C, so that your body becomes capable of absorbing the iron more efficiently. Spinach also makes great salads.


Walnuts, whether consumed alone or in combination with bread or salads are indeed great for the health. This snack has a lot of amino acids, which help the body overcome sluggishness by enhancing the muscular blood circulation. Moreover, the oleic acid present in the nuts combats depression, while the copper, omega-3s, Vitamin E and fiber helps in boosting the energy level. Another important thing to know is that if you take these nuts regularly, your brain power enhances, which in turn slows down the onset of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have been considered a healthy diet perhaps since the dawn of civilization, when the Aztecs inhabited this earth. A wonderful source of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, phosphorous and manganese, chia seeds bring in a lot of benefit for your body including boosting energy levels, stabilization of blood sugar, keeping your stomach full and even reduction in the cholesterol levels. You will also be pleased to know that regular consumption of chia seeds help your complexion glow throughout the year.

The best time to have chia seeds is during breakfast. You can have them with some yogurt (low fat one) or mix them with oatmeal.