Hi, this is ________. A very warm welcome to all of you who are visiting by blog! People call me a fitness freak. Yes, I am very particular about fitness because I believe you need fitness of the body and mind in order to succeed in whatever you do. So, you need to maintain your body fitness through exercising and consuming healthy food. Actually, I believe that health is a lifestyle; you cannot practice it for a particular period of time and then forget about it. Healthy lifestyle should be made a habit.
While growing from a girl to a woman and then becoming a mother, I came to learn a number of things about staying healthy, eating good food and several other aspects of life that can keep me and my family healthy and happy. I have collected these little bits and pieces of information, advice, learning, or whatever you may call them, here in my blog so that I can do my bit in guiding women, new mothers and everyone in general, who shares my passion for leading a good and healthy life.
I invite you to read my thoughts as you proceed with my blog. But let me first begin with a few things here. I have some simple questions for you. These were the same questions that were asked to me by different people at different periods of my life or I asked myself.

  • If motherhood is a tough job, what can you do to stay healthy?
  • Do you feel lonely at any point in your life? Are you tired of getting rid of this loneliness?
  • How can you incorporate health in your daily life? Is it through food, exercise or something else?
  • Do you enjoy going on a vacation?
  • Are you really serious about staying fit?

As you ponder over these and many more such questions, I will attempt to answer these questions through my blog. Before you see what I have in store for you, let me tell you something more about my life.
I am a transcriptionist by profession having regular office hours till I got married and was pregnant with my child. After my child was born, I started working from home, which enabled me to do my job as well as take care of my child.
From my college days itself I was very particular about fitness. I do not say that I was mad about losing weight or staying in shape (by God’s grace, I had a reasonable figure and weight), but I always wanted to lead a disease free healthy life.
After marriage, my responsibility obviously doubled and I became more careful about the food that was cooked and what my family consumed. On becoming a mother, more responsibility was added-in, and there were times when I felt my body and mind not working properly.
I was bent on staying healthy always and gathered all sorts of things that I have learnt from my parents, my in-laws, my dietician, yoga instructor and doctor, to mend the unhealthy elements of my life.
And here I am guys! I am sharing with you whatever I have picked in the path of life. Please feel free to let me know whether my thoughts or ideas appeal to you or not.