Burn Those Extra Pounds with 7 Wonder Foods

Burn Those Extra Pounds with 7 Wonder Foods

Burn Those Extra Pounds with 7 Wonder Foods

You might laugh or raise an eyebrow if I tell you that eating can reduce obesity. Although unbelievable, it is true to a great extent. Yes, there are some foods which when consumed increases the pace of metabolism and wards off the excess fat that the body has so lovingly kept in store. These foods are also quite detoxifying in nature and provide optimum nutrition.


It is an absolutely wonder spice with manifold health benefits, one of which is lessening fat storage in the body. To get the best out of this spice, consume a minimum of 1/4th teaspoon on a daily basis. You may have it along with smoothie, coffee or anything else you are eating.

Dark Chocolate

Do you feel sinful while eating chocolate? Then you must know that dark chocolate can really reduce some fat from your body. You might not be aware that stress is one of the main causes of accumulation of body fat, because it lowers down the body’s rate of metabolism. Dark chocolates reduce stress level to an amazing extent thereby preventing fat buildup.


My dietician told me that avocado is in fact a triple fat burner. I asked why, and she explained that monounsaturated fats (a real big jargon for me!) present in avocado enhances the functionality of other fat burning hormones. The best time to have avocados is during breakfast. You can have it added to smoothies, green salads or such other things.

Sprouted Beans

These are considered superfoods and they should be one of the significant components of your diet if you are planning a health, fitness and weight loss program for yourself. Sprouted beans are loaded with minerals such as potassium, calcium and iron, as well as Vitamins E, B, C and A. Another very important advantage is that their fat content is negligible.

Watery fruits

By watery fruits I mean fruits in which one of the major constituents is water. Such fruits include grapes, watermelon and oranges, amongst others. They are very low in calorie content and can make you feel fuller for a long period of time, thereby suppressing your cravings.


Oats have high fiber content and contain negligible fat. Moreover you can cook them in very less time and they also form a complete food. Like watery fruits, oats can also give you the feeling of fullness for a considerably long time, reducing the cravings, which are more often than not the cause behind excessive calorie intake.


I know you might be a bit skeptical when I talk about nuts in relation to fat burning. Yes, I agree that all nuts are not good if you are considering fat reduction. However, there are some which consist of good fat and can help you do away with the bad fats that your body stores. So, if you seriously want to lose weight, include nuts like peanuts, almonds and pistachios in your breakfast daily. Apart from breakfast, you can also consume a small quantity of nuts when you are having your evening snacks. In fact, any time of the day would do.