Can Yoga help to strengthen Your Relationship?

Can Yoga help to strengthen Your Relationship?

Can Yoga help to strengthen Your Relationship?

We all have heard about the numerous benefits that yoga can bring to our body and our life as a whole. But very few of us know the immense potential of yoga in healing and improving relationships. Yoga is in fact an art that can enhance the intensity of our love, that is, by practicing yoga, we begin to love ourselves as well as others more intensely. So, yoga is not just about the impact on the physical aspects of our daily life. It is also about improving our relationships in a number of ways, through establishing connection between the body and mind as well as enhancing self trust and sensitivity. This brings down the tension level and enables us to enjoy our present life.

Both my husband and I have obtained a lot of benefits in our personal life through practicing yoga. You may also go for it to strengthen your relationships, but before that, let me tell you how yoga does that.

Linking the body with the mind

There is a connection between our body and mind, both of which tend to work together. If we continually practice yoga, the body becomes increasingly balanced over the passage of time and the result is enhanced strength and flexibility. Once this happens, you will find a sharp boost in control and awareness, thereby benefitting you emotionally as well as physically. Remember that if you want to be happy in your relationship with your partner, you should enjoy each other’s presence and pay attention to each other. This will never happen with any manipulative force, you have to make it happen naturally with delight and comfort.

Bringing in self trust and sensitivity

Yoga is a discipline that involves a unique combination of flexibility, balance and strength. This trio goes a long way in boosting your overall self trust and sensitivity. As you continue practicing the different yoga postures, your awareness regarding the feelings, senses and every movement of your body is enhanced. You start utilizing your intuition more and more and in the process your inner guidance, self trust and sensitivity is refined.

Once your sensitivity increases, you can concentrate on things that are more beneficial for you and bring about a feel good factor. You will easily be able to sense the things which you dislike and which do not appeal to you anymore. For instance, there might be a change in your diet and you become aware of the food that you no longer like. This sensitivity brings in self trust, implying that you are confident enough to go for only those things that you feel are appropriate and right for you. This in turn has a positive impact on your relationships and lifestyle, as now you are more easily able to comprehend the things that make you fulfilled and happy. Gradually the things that you do not feel good about are eliminated from your life.

Enjoying the present

By practicing yoga, you learn to trust and respect yourself as well as pay attention to everything around you at the present. With this comes the capability of respecting and accepting your body as it is in the present moment, and not at the prior position or how you want it to be in future. Yes, yoga has taught me that the main problem occurs when we tend to concentrate more on the past or future rather than focusing on the present moment. This prevents us from enjoying the present with all its happiness and joys.

As you learn to accept life as it is and not unreasonably push yourself towards unrealistic goals, appreciating and enjoying all the moments of life becomes easier. This will bring in a lot of trust and respect amongst partners leading to successful relationships. So, if you incorporate yoga into your life, you will definitely experience loving and healthy relationships.

Decreasing tension

Sometimes you will feel that your body is tight and stiff. This is the point of energy stagnation, and as my yoga instructor told me, this hinders deepening and growth of any kind of experience. You start feeling that all muscles, limbs and joints are useless and the same thing applies to your relationships.

The only solution is softening down your defenses, and bringing in a newer and softer angle in your relationships. This is possible through yoga which shows you the right path by loosening the stiffness of your body and mind.