Foods You Must Have Prior to Yoga Practice

Foods You Must Have Prior to Yoga Practice

Foods You Must Have Prior to Yoga Practice

My experience tells me that you need some good fuel prior to hitting the mat. Otherwise, your energy level will decrease as you move from one pose to another and ultimately you will find yourself incapable of continuing efficiently. Try out these snacks, which are sure to give you good amount of energy and other ingredients to keep you going on the mat.


Half a cup of oatmeal is enough to set the mood for yoga. Oatmeal is in fact a very light and healthy snack to consume prior to your yoga practice. On one hand, it burns easily and on the other hand it will keep you full till the end of your yoga session and you won’t find yourself craving for food in between.


My yoga instructor is a big fan of apples and suggested that I make eating apples mandatory before yoga classes. She told me about the multifarious benefits of apples- apart from adding a little bit of sugar to your body, they also keep the teeth clean and hydrate the body. Apples are loaded with Vitamin C and fiber, and they can keep your body strong and intact all through your yoga practice.


Rich in natural sugar, raisins give the body adequate amount of energy for the yoga practice. What I like most about raisins is that they are very portable and can be carried anywhere, whether you are attending the gyms or going for your yoga session. Just pop some into your mouth before the beginning of the session, and your job is half done.


I had read before in a magazine that it is very good to consume fruits when you are into yoga. My yoga instructor told me that I should be selective about the type of fruit that I consume. Pears have low acidity level, and so they are great as a pre-meditation snack. Moreover, pears also have good amount of fiber and this implies that they will happily keep you satisfied till you help yourself to your next meal.


Simply go for it! Yes grab some almonds just before you are starting off with your yoga session and you will get enough energy to carry out different poses. Also you can keep hunger at bay as you practice yoga. That’s not all, you will also get adequate amount of magnesium, potassium and Vitamin E, which is pretty good if you are trying to stay for some time in the boat pose. I know almonds with salts make a great delicacy, but if you want to maximize on the energy obtained, have them unsalted and plain.


Yogis simply love bananas! They indeed make a great pre-yoga snack with their rick potassium content. Potassium in combination with sodium goes a long way in keeping the body hydrated. That’s enough fuel for a power-packed yoga class.

Greek yogurt

I would not suggest this if you are intolerant to lactose or have problems with digesting dairy. Otherwise, this protein-rich snack gives you natural sugar that keeps you energized for quite a long time.