Fresh Juices, Recipes, and Losing Weight

If you are considering trying juicing for weight loss, it’s important that you know a little bit about it and it’s importance. One thing is that you may need a few recipes to get you started because it’s always best that you drink freshly made juice and not store bought in order to reap all the health benefits. Along with explaining how good juicing is for you, we are also going to give you a few recipes so that you can start right off with some great tasting juices.

Many Benefits

When it comes to juicing, there are many, many benefits and one of those benefits would be weight loss. In fact by drinking fresh juices some people have lost as much as 20 pounds in their first two weeks.

Another great benefit when it comes to fresh juices is that liquids such as fresh juice, actually put very little stress on the digestive system. What this means for you is that you’ll have more energy, feel better and you’ll also have a very healthy diet all at the same time. Plus, they taste great!

When you add juices to your diet for weight loss it will make it easier to stick to your diet plan because drinking juice will help to suppress your hunger pangs which means that you will feel fuller and you’ll be less tempted to eat things that you shouldn’t be eating.

How Juicing Helps You Lose Weight

Here are the reasons why drinking fresh juice can help you lose weight and keep you healthier:

•    Stops Hunger – When you drink juice, it gives your body all the important nutrients that it needs and even more. If your body lacks nutrients you’re going to feel hungry. So by drinking juices, you are going to eat less, especially junk food.
•    Convenient – Many have super busy lives and this often leads to poor diet choices. But juices are convenient just like fast food. Juices only take a few minutes to make and you end up with fresh, healthy, and delicious juices that will satisfy you better than junk food.
•    Natural – Fresh juices are all natural and this means you’ll not get any of the additives or chemicals found already made juices which could add calories and fats your body doesn’t need.
•    Provides Energy – Making your own juice you not only get great taste but freshly made juice gives you more energy and when you have more energy you’ll be up to doing more and being more active which in turn can help you lose more weight.
•    Detoxifying – By drinking fresh juice especially ones with vegetables in them will help you to clean you body out and get rid of the toxins. This can help both your liver and kidneys to flush your system out better. This in turn helps you to lose weight.

Two Types of Juicing

When it comes to adding juice to your diet, there are two types of juicing that you can do and it’s all up to the individual, never feel like you’re being forced to focus on any one in particular.

The first type of juicing is the juice fast. This is an extreme option and is not suitable for everyone. It is one that takes a lot of willpower and changing of everything in your body and taking away everything your body has been used to using as fuel.

A juice fast is a diet that involves restricting your diet to just drinking juice. Make sure you do your homework when considering this type of diet because there are many different kinds of juice fasts and you need to prepare correctly before starting one. You should also talk to your doctor prior to doing this type of diet.

The other type of juicing is considered to be casual juicing. This type of diet is one that doesn’t make you give up on all your solid foods and lets you drink your juice any time you want. You just can replace some foods with a juice instead. You can also substitute a juice for a meal, often the choice would be for breakfast. As long as you eat good meals the rest of the day, this is an ideal diet for most people who want to lose some weight.

Include Vegetables

It’s understandable that you might not consider adding veggies to your juices but when it comes to losing weight, the more vegetables you include in your juices the easier it will be to lose that weight you want to lose. The main reason for this is that fruit does have natural fructose in it.

Some of the best vegetables to add to your juice would be spinach, bok choy, arugula, cabbage, kale, and broccoli. Those who lose the most weight usually make sure that their juice is about 70% vegetables and 30% fruits.

Juice Recipes

Here are a couple of homemade juices that you can easily make yourself in your own kitchen. Hope you’ll try them.

The Toxin Killer

This recipe is a juice that is filled with antioxidants which helps to detox your body. This is a great juice to drink any time of the day. Even though it’s green, it still tastes great. So don’t be afraid to try it.


•    3 apples
•    1 celery stalk
•    ½ a cucumber
•    Handful of spinach
•    1 cup ice
•    Handful of lettuce


•    Peel cucumber and apples
•    Put apples and cucumber in juicer with the spinach and lettuce
•    Add the ice and blend for about a minute
•    Drink immediately and enjoy

Power Up Punch

This is a great juice to drink for breakfast or before you plan to do any exercise. It’s filled with minerals and vitamins and has a nice tang that comes from the pineapple and the lime. This juice is meant to give you lots of energy and nutrients.


•    1/3 of fresh pineapple
•    ½ a cucumber
•    Handful spinach
•    2 apples
•    Juice of 2 limes
•    1 cup ice


•    Juice limes separately in a citrus juicer and pour into a collection jar with ice
•    Cut the pineapple and apples small enough to fit in your juicer feeder
•    Blend fruit with the lime juice in collection jar and enjoy