Involve Yourself in Household Chores and Stay Fit

Involve Yourself in Household Chores and Stay Fit

Involve Yourself in Household Chores and Stay Fit

Many of us have the idea that we cannot stay fit in the true sense of the term until and unless we go to the gym. But wait and think again! Your household is a storehouse of activities which can help your body exercise by making you get involved in a number of household chores. If you are someone who works at home or even at office, you can indeed spend your weekends doing a bit of vacuuming, washing or sweeping in order to stay fit.Let us see some of the chores, that when done regularly can help you shed calories as well as feel better.

Dragging the vacuum

Who does not like to have clean floors? And when you come to know that you can spend 200 calories in one hour by vacuuming floors, you would definitely like to do it! So, grab the vacuum and start collecting all those dust particles that have accumulated in different corners of your house. On one hand, your floors and carpets will shine, and on the other hand, the muscles in your legs and arms will become strong through exercising.

Dusting surfaces

How about removing the layers of dust and grime accumulating on your furniture and other areas of the room? Let me tell you that when you do this housework, you can lose as much as 150 calories in an hour and your muscles also get loosened. I prefer to listen to some good music when I am into this household chore. I must also tell you that if you carry out this dusting activity accompanied by some music and dance, more number of calories can be burnt.


Now the very name of this might make you frown. Even I used to hate scrubbing like anything but one of my friends in my yoga class told me that scrubbing is very good for the abdomen (filled with pesky, stubborn fat), arms and shoulders. It really is, do try it out! You can scrub the sink, the shower stall, the floors, and in fact whatever you like, and burn 220 calories on an hourly basis.

Sweeping and Mopping

Sweeping is a very common activity but with vacuum cleaners entering our homes, we have almost abolished this. But still, before mopping the kitchen we need to sweep it, and I do not think that can be comfortably done with a vacuum cleaner. Moreover, if you have a garage, you need to sweep it as well as the driveway. Instead of hiring a cleaning agency to do the job, spend around 30 to 60 minutes on these activities. This will be enough to burn up to 180 calories, and you can happily help yourself to a dessert (a small one).


Well, all kinds of washing might not be suitable for all. But you can choose from a large number of areas including the bathroom surfaces, vehicles, windows and a number of items like pails, clothes or plastic wastebaskets. It is a great exercise for your shoulder and arms and hourly burns around 200 calories.