Make Motherhood a Wonderful Experience with Yoga

Make Motherhood a Wonderful Experience with Yoga

Make Motherhood a Wonderful Experience with Yoga

Five years ago, my son was born and my whole world began to brighten up. It was like a rebirth. All of a sudden I started feeling a lot of emotions together, happiness, anxiety, fear, hope and perhaps something more that cannot be described. Yes, I did get my share of happiness with my little bundle of joy, but with it came a kind of emotional and physical weakness, which made me ask for perhaps the same kind of attention that my baby started receiving.

At that time one of my elder sisters suggested that I devote at least some of my time to yoga. I was skeptical, because as it is I was getting very less or almost no time for myself after my son’s birth. But my sister told me that post delivery woes are common to many women who often get irritated about little things and very often suffer both physically and mentally, being unable to cope up with the new changes that childbirth brings with it.

I started going for yoga sessions and I am happy to say that meditation and yoga helped a lot in soothing my mind and reaching a kind of inner bliss. I got a lot of support in managing my emotions and developed immense strength that made me capable of taking care of my baby as well as me.
Here are the major benefits of doing yoga after your child is born. After reading this, I hope all new mothers will want to make yoga a part of their life.

Knowledge of the body

Have you read the book Yoga Mom, Buddha Baby by Jyothi Larson? Well, she rightly says that yoga is one of the best tools for knowing your body in a much better manner. Yes, I too have experienced that. After regularly practicing yoga for quite some time, I really was able to focus on different body parts, which helped me in maintaining body stability after childbirth.

Moderation of the mood

Yoga places a lot of emphasis on moving and breathing simultaneously. This helps you to take deeper breaths. When I practiced yoga after by son’s birth, I really obtained a feeling of well-being and deep relaxation. I was able to remain calm and take care of my baby more efficiently.

Perfection of posture

When you give birth to your child, your responsibilities increase immensely. You have to nurse the baby, lift the baby when required, and do a lot of other things to ensure that the baby is comfortable. In doing so, your posture often suffers and by doing yoga at this time, you can indeed improve your posture. Apart from enhancing the shoulder and back strength (which is very much necessary for new mothers), yoga also expands the chest, and standing up tall becomes easier.

Gaining moral support

Yes, attending yoga classes genuinely gave me a lot of moral support. I got to make new friends, and even discuss my post delivery problems with other women who were in the same boat as me. So, I would definitely suggest that rather than practicing yoga at home, please make some time to attend yoga classes at a studio.