Six Exercises All Women Who Avoid the Gym Should Do Daily

Six Exercises All Women Who Avoid the Gym Should Do Daily

Six Exercises All Women Who Avoid the Gym Should Do Daily

It was very difficult for me to take some time out of my busy office and home schedule and hit the gym. I started working from home when I became a mom. I thought that would give me at least some time to make it to the gym but life became all the more packed up. I did attend yoga classes for a few days, and then started practicing at home.Exercising regularly gave me a lot of stamina and I really felt my body lighter and more flexible. Ladies, try out these exercises regularly at home, and you will be able to stay fit without having to rush to the gym.

Climbing stairs

The elevator is no doubt a cozy thing but sometimes it is good to avoid it. If you climb stairs, around 0.17 calories are burnt for each step climbed. For a better workout, make sure to climb some extra stairs.

Foot pump-up

You may do this by lying down over the floor or sitting on the chair. First the legs need to be straightened and then proceed with up and down feet movement. This is a very simple exercise but it can go a long way in boosting the strength of the foot muscles, especially after you have walked a considerable distance on high heels.

Modified push-ups

Rest your hands parallel to the floor after kneeling down. The distance between the two shoulders should be as wide as possible. Straighten your hands with shoulders directly over them. Come close to touching the floor by lowering your body and then again push the body back with upward movement. Remember that all through the exercise, your neck and head should be kept straight. This exercise is very good for the chest and to get the best results, you need to repeat it 10 times.

Sitting spinal twist

This is an appropriate exercise for women who intend to decrease the tummy load. Cross your legs in a sitting position over the floor. Place one hand on the knee, while the other one on the hip. Look over one shoulder as you turn across the spine. During this twisting process, inhalation and exhalation should follow as you return to the center. Repeat this exercise with the opposite side. Regularly doing this exercise reduces tummy fat and keeps your waist in shape.

Stool exercise

The backbone or the back is the foundation of the body and this exercise strengthens it. Take a stool or armless chair and sit on it. Pull together the shoulder bones while maintaining the back in a straight position. Unwind after holding this particular position for 5 to 6 seconds. Repeat the same process four to five times. If you are suffering from backache, this exercise will help in alleviating it.

Triceps swing

This exercise is meant for toning of the arms. Position your feet over the floor, lie face up and bend your knees. In each hand take a dumbbell of weight five pounds. With the right arm going beneath the head, straighten up the left arm and then again repeat the process with the right arm straightened and the left going down. Carry out this set for 10 to 15 times.