Weekend Activities to Keep Your Kids Engaged and Entertained

Weekend Activities to Keep Your Kids Engaged and Entertained

Weekend Activities to Keep Your Kids Engaged and Entertained

When weekends arrive, you get some chance to spend time with your kids. Why not make every weekend an exciting and entertaining one for your kids? Then both you and your kids will be filled with fresh energy to take on the challenges of the coming week. Here are eight rocking activities for you!

Planning a treasure hunt

To make the weekend enjoyable for your kids, this is a game worth playing. Place bits and pieces of treasures and jewels in the house or in the garden. Then design a map showing the directions. You may pour in some amount of creativity and add an ancient look to the map by soaking in coffee. As the paper gets wet, slightly tear off the edges.

Keeping the map hidden at some place inside the house will add to the fun. Allow the kids to search for it as they clean away their toys or make the bed.

Checking out the stars

As I tell you this, I feel like reciting the nursery rhyme, “Twinkle Twinkle little star/How I wonder what you are!” Yes, stars have always been things to wonder about and fantasize both the young and the old mind. To get your kids into the activity of checking out stars, first purchase a star chart. After that, select a particular spot in your yard that gives you a lucid view of the sky.

After completing dinner, step out with your kids to watch the different stars (those which are visible to the naked eye). Your kids will also be able to see how the sky changes from time to time. In this way, you kids with also receive some amount of fresh air, which is good for triggering sleep as well as overall health.

Doing magic tricks

I especially used to arrange this for my kid on some weekends. I myself have no connection with magic whatsoever. I used to invite my brother-in-law who would show magic to my kid and some of his friends who would gather. The gathering still happens, although the frequency has been brought down a bit with the kids growing up.

I would suggest you to host a show for the kids, if you or anybody in your family knows magic. An older child may even be trained with certain tricks and then allowed to perform. This is indeed a wonderful weekend idea for your kids.

Taking up a fresh hobby

As per your child’s preferences, you might help him out in learning a new skill. But remember, before you introduce your child to a new hobby, you must be sure that your child is willing to learn it or take it up. If your child is not interested in that particular activity, then there is absolutely no use pushing him or her. You might think of activities like ballet, pottery or horseback riding.
The best thing is to accompany your child in learning that new skill. When children see their parents struggling to learn a particular skill and going through the same phases that they go through, they indeed gain more confidence.

Watching some old movies

This is again one of the best ways to spend the weekend without leaving the coziness and comfort of your home. There are a lot of interesting movies for children, and you will also find yourself enjoying like a kid as you watch them with your children. For kids who are above 3 years of age, a number of classic movies are there. Some of my (and also my child’s) favorites are Young Tom Edison, Baby Take a Bow and National Velvet. You should also not leave behind Charlie Chaplin and the unforgettable pair of Laurel and Hardy.

Getting to cook

There are numerous kids who love helping their parents in making pizza, biscuits, pie crusts and such other things. They find it quite a fun activity to use their fingers in squishing the dough. Getting to see the yeast-filled dough rise makes your kids happy and they also love to punch the dough using their hands.

Whenever you are adding some topping to any biscuit or pizza you may rope in your kids to select their own toppings. Then guide them in preparing the topping. When they eat the final dish, they will he happy at the thought that they have made it with their own hands.

Setting up a garden labyrinth

There are hardly any kids who do not love adventure! So, prepare some ground for adventure in your own backyard. Select a particular area in your backyard and with the help of grass, twigs, stones, leaves or small branches, outline a path. For reference you can log on to the internet or look in books wherein you will find very simple designs of such paths. Kids will enjoy a rocking weekend as they rush across the twists and turns that you have created.

Collecting leaves

My kid still has the notebook, wherein he drew impressions of collected leaves and colored them. If your child is old enough to use a crayon, he would be able to craft angel-like faces. Teach your child to place a leaf on a particular page of a notebook or simply a piece of paper and create a silhouette by rubbing the margins of the leaf with a crayon. Once the leaf is removed, the impression can be colored, and a face, chin, or hair can be drawn for an attractive appearance.