What You Should Avoid To Have Better Sleep at Night

What You Should Avoid To Have Better Sleep at Night

What You Should Avoid To Have Better Sleep at Night

Does counting sheep goes on and on for you and sleep seems never to come when you lay down in bed at night? Before you rush to a doctor and complain bitterly of insomnia, take care of your daily habits. Here are certain things you should avoid to get better sleep at night which reloads your energy level, freshens up your mood and also maintains your overall health.

Eat fatty or spicy foods

Consuming a heavy meal before bedtime can make sleeping uncomfortable because you might feel very full or bloated up. Spicy or fatty foods may lead to acid reflux, the intensity of which increases when you lay down on bed. The ideal time to have dinner is two hours prior to sleep so that your body gets enough time for digestion before you retire to bed. If you are consuming something just before bedtime, stick to milk, simple carbs, or other such foods that promote sleep. Also try to avoid snacks late at night, because it has high potential to trigger weight gain.

Consume coffee or chocolate

Hot drink before bed in the form of coffee may be an exciting idea giving momentary pleasure, but the amount of caffeine you are taking in can disturb your sleep considerably. Do you know that your body can retain caffeine for a maximum of 12 hours after intake? Just imagine the disturbance in sleep it can cause!

Chocolate is also another source of caffeine. It is true that dark chocolate has many benefits but it has good amount of caffeine too, so better avoid it at night if you do not want to keep yourself awake. I also came to know lately that the stimulate theobromine is present in chocolate. It can cause sleeplessness by increasing the rate of heart beat.

Take a shower

Don’t get me wrong! I am not telling you to avoid taking a shower before going to bed if you are already into the habit of doing it. Hot baths actually promote relaxation for the body and aids the process of sleep. What I want to say is that if you are used to taking bath in the morning and switch over to bathing at night only occasionally, your brain might get the wrong message and wake you up.

Let your pet accompany you in bed

My kid was very emotional about his kitten, but I always made sure that he never slept with the kitten in bed. I know almost all people having furry pets are quite emotionally attached to them, but you will definitely agree that if you sleep with your pet at night, it indeed leads to poor sleep. Even a University of Kansas report supports the same revealing that 63% of people sleeping with their pets experience inadequate sleep.

Play video games

After a long day’s work, many of us do feel like playing an interactive game for the sake of fun and relaxation. But you must know that any kind of interactive electronic media can have a negative impact on sleep. They can stimulate your brain to remain active, so it’s good to keep them at bay when you are trying to sleep.